Friday, April 16, 2010

So much for no ice

P H O T O  O F  T H E  D A Y
APRIL 15, 2010
Jack and coke; - no ice.  Two ingredients in a cup with two dinky straws.  It's all I wanted and not hard to order.  I approached the bar and this drunk guy looked at me and said what do you want.  "Jack and coke-no ice," I responded.  As I got my drink the drunk guy turned to me and said $4.50.  I went from being somewhat excited and expected a drink to wondering what just happened.  As I turned around, a guy looked at me and said, "so much for no ice."  
From that moment on I did not know who I was talking to.  The night went on and I found myself wanted to know about this character.  He had the sexiest hair I have seen in a long time, his looks where simply metrosexual, and his flirtacious ways were simply irresistible.   And of course his musician status made me simply want to know more.
He didn't seem to be the typical musician who went on about how he missed a part of the song or how he sounds like this band or how he was influenced by 13 bands that I have never even heard of.  He went from a musician to feeling like I have known him forever, which I know is not true.  

I have talked to him on several different accounts since Saturday.  Each time I talk to him and learn about his drive, his life, and his personality.  It is very strange.  I am simple intrigued.  Of course I meet new people all the time. Talk to them, few weeks later talk to them again and then run into them at a bar and maybe catch their show or hang out with them.  Nothing special-  just typical networking.  
Minus the fact that he has played with Chris Daughtry and wrote guitar parts for some of the songs Chris Daughtry plays and all the other artists that he has played, he a normal human!  The more I talk to the older musicians the cooler their stories are. I am not saying the younger ones are not interesting or that they don't have awesome stories because they do.  I know they do.  That is not my point.  My point is the more you get people out of their element and on to their normal lives, the more normal they become.  
Next time someone you don't know protects you from a drunk at the bar -thank 'em.  If they aren't creepy, they probably have a good story.  Even the creep sticks have good stories but I am sure this could end bad for you.  If they go outside to smoke and ask you if you smoke - go along even if you don't smoke.  I am sure a chuckle about why you are standing outside will happen.  Even give them your phone number if it isn't a creeper.  If you are drunk make better decisions. 

There are people at bars who are normal.  They may be the guitarist in a band from another state drinking a beer standing behind you watching the drunk guy at the bar hit on you.  Yeah, that person is probably normal.  
Don't let a person so intriguing pass you by.  I never thought I would be writing about a stranger I met a few short days ago and how normal they are.  From what I heard they have a pretty intense life.  I am going to say it is just like my story, my best friend's story, my cousin's story and the girl up the street's story.  Everyone has a different story, but to a degree everyone has a similar story.  

Check yourself.  When you think your life is bad, just ask the person sitting next to you how they are.  Maybe it will change your life, maybe it will give you an outlook that you never had before.  As, I write this I thank this young gentlemen for saving me from the drunk guy and even making me pay for my drink - I had to put this in there.  He might read it and it might make him realize I am out of 6 buck because of him.  It's a joke people!
Next time listen to a story and understand that that person is human.
Remember, I can make ugly, pretty!
"They say that we're too young / Maybe they were right / What do they know anyway" -Jim Horn and Mark Perry

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