Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Plastic People

P H O T O  O F  T H E  D A Y
FEBRUARY 20, 2010
Saturday was one of those days where I wasn't sure what type of mood I was in.  Toward the end I realized I was fairly content.  Not happy, not sad.  Just somewhere in the middle.  It was pretty laid back with not too much excitement going on.  
I was on my way to church with my mom ad there it was -- that one bird.  When it happens I tell no one that it happened or there it is.  It is my one moment of serenity, my second of infinity.  That sign was just what the doctor ordered.  
As, I sat in church the deacon talked about how everyone has a story, some are good, some are bad, but everyone is different.  And everything that happens in life, happens for a reason.  So cliche, but something people need to hear.  What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.  Trust me, I know.  Early evening on Saturday was my moment in life that said, this is what life is all about. 
Life is every emotion.  It is a roller coaster of things that you may not know why it happened or what it was all about, but forms you into what you are today.  
There are events I would change or actions I took, but I wouldn't change who I am.  Dealing with a quarter-life crisis, makes me realize that I am not destined to have the life I planned when I was a little girl.  All those ideas are now out the window.  A friend once told me, "life is what happens, when you are planning it."  Think about it.  It is true.  I will say I am now a believer in this saying.  


I am no expert in life, but don't let it pass you by.  Let yourself be happy.  Nowadays people are too down about everything.  You turn on the news and it is who killed who, who cheated on who, the biggest tragedy, the largest recall and the unemployment rate.  

Skip all the bad news and have some fun.  Be sympathetic toward it, but don't let the negativity live inside of you.  Take a look around, life isn't so bad after all.


Remember, I can make ugly, pretty!


Are we happy plastic people / Under shiny plastic steeples / With walls around our weakness / And smiles to hide our pain / But if the invitation's open /To every heart that has been broken / Maybe then we close the curtain / On our stained glass masquerade -- Casting Crowns

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