Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Within yourself

P H O T O  O F  T H E  D A Y
FEBRUARY 9, 2010

Bring on the snow.  My fire was lit all day.  I ran my errands as soon as I got up and I came back home and snuggled into my sweats.  I was not going anywhere.  I parked myself in front of the TV with my laptop, Chex Mix, phone, and a cup of Cherry Pepsi.  I could not complain.  
I kept staring at the fire I lit shortly after noon, it was my motivation to leave myself parked right where I was.  :)  Thank you, Mr. Fire! I was pleased to photograph you even though you almost caught my hair on fire.  oopsie!


I have been learning alot about myself lately.  I feel as if I am stepping away from the negativity and stepping toward the positive.  Thank you, God.  I like to smile and giggle more.  As before, I felt guilty for smiling or having fun.  But now I think I deserve that.  

A person can only handle so much pain and hurt before they have to stand up to it and face it.  It is a hard thing to face -- trust me, I know first hand.  Letting all the pain and hurt go is one scary monster.  Who wants to face that monster when there is a chance of getting eaten alive again.  

If you want happiness you got to find within yourself.  No one else is going to make you happy when the day ends.  You never know when that someone is going to be gone, whether it be a parent, a sibling, a lover, a teacher, a soulmate, a best friend.  They make you happy for the time being, but when they are gone what will you do.  

A very dear friend of mine always told me this.  I always thought I understood it, but I was fooling myself.  I didn't know.  I feel embarrassed for thinking I knew this.  Day in and day out, he always told me and still does, to find happiness within myself.  I won't say I am completely happy, but I am content.  If I can smile atleast once a week, I will consider that content.  

Take this time and reflect on something special -- a friend, a family member, a pet or a mentor -- where would you be without them.  Send them a card, give them a call or a text, some how thank them for being special.  They are the people that want you to wake up and be the best you can be. Please consider yourself blessed. 


Remember, I can make ugly, pretty!


They say there's nothing more than what we see / Life is a mirage we are forced / They say that we must prepare to fail / I will keep fighting till I can't -- Mia Carruthers and the Retros


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Kathy said...

You are one very special lady. Loosing someone is a very hard road and I am glad to see you smiling:)