Thursday, February 18, 2010

Never Found the Way

P H O T O  O F  T H E  D A Y
FEBRUARY 17, 2010
 Have you ever drove around until you got lost? Did you do it on purpose or was it because you had nothing better to do and didn't care? 

Remember, I can make ugly, pretty! 


If you know my destination please buy me the fastest car and throw me the keys. / 'Cos what if what we see is all, is all we've got? -- Missy Higgins


T.M. Göttl said...

I have!

Usually it is late at night (but not ungodly late)...Everyone else went home, and, because I didn't feel like going home myself, I end up wandering, driving around in circles at night, trying to make sense of wanting somewhere to go and somewhere to be while knowing that at that moment I don't.

lesley.anne.k said...

You said that perfectly!
Made me smile a genuine smile. Well said.

LawyerCympal said...

I do this once or twice a year. In early September of 2009 I went on one of my "lost sabbaticals." I gave myself a weekend to "get lost." I had no destination in mind, and no agenda of activities - just me, my car, and the road. (And some money.... You can't spend EVERY night in your car and I admit I like creature-comforts; like a hot shower for example.)

I discovered a little town on the far west side of Ohio with nothing but a church, a bank, a coffee house/sandwich shop, and a stoplight. Famished that morning, I wondered into that shop for some food and coffee. Surprisingly I ended staying for over 3 hours. A group of locals were gathered, all playing music and singing songs - they had me choose songs and sing along with them. I had never felt more welcome amongst complete strangers. When they concluded for the day I hit the road again, and headed south.

In the twisting and winding roads located in the hills of southern Ohio, I found too many treasures to be expounded on here. But the most striking find was a simple church.

The church was situated along one of the winding roads that pass through the hilly wilderness. No houses were in sight - and for miles only trees could be seen. I first mistook the church for a shed. The church had no parking lot - just a dirt path leading uphill to its doorway. I drove toward it to investigate. It was only about 9ft tall and could probably hold at most 15 people. It was obviously very old. I checked the door and was shocked to find it unlocked... Inside I discovered a few pews, some hymn books, a podium and a cross hung on the back wall.

I sat in silent contemplation for an hour or so in one of the pews. The sense of peacefulness felt in that place was overwhelming. When I was done, I walked to the podium and placed two things on it. The first thing I put on the podium was a $20 bill, the second thing I left was the hope that the church would continue to help those in need - just as it helped me that day.

LawyerCympal said...

By the way, this is Bob. Don't know why my "Google Account" randomly assigned me the name 'LawyerCympal'.