Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It was one of those moments

P H O T O  O F  T H E  D A Y
FEBRUARY 15, 2010

 If you had one person to hug today, who would it be --dead or alive, close or far, known or unknown?  Why would you hug them?  Would you know them or not know them? What would the purpose of the hug mean -- is it a thanks, a hello, lets talk or just a plain ol' hug?  Think about it.

Something so simple is something so magical.  Today was one of those days where I felt warmth, love, compassion, and excitement.  I felt a tickle under my toes and a hug wrapped around me.  It was Motivational Monday -- and it was a powerful one.  I could of not asked for a more blessed day.

Today started as a normal day, wasn't sure where it took me, but it took me through my to-do list and even on to making a family recipe with no recipe card to follow [all from memory] -- and I nailed it.  My salsa and cheese dip came out awesome.  It was a little strong, but for the first time it was pretty spot on.  Onion was too strong, but that just gave it the right kick!  *hold your applause* 

I ran into a wonderful family friend today while picking up some photos.  The brief chit chat I had with her brough sunshine into my day.  I got this feeling of uncertainty when I walked in and when I left it left me with warmth and hope.  Glad it did.  I sat in my car and opened my envelope of photos -- as the nerves hit, I realized these photos where spot on to what I wanted.  

I got home and put them on the counter.  Let them sit there until my mom came home from work, I showed her and I was determained to frame one.  After dinner was done, I pulled out all the frames I bought and all the paper and pictures.  I was so inspired by all the color that overflowed on our counters.  The picture I wanted to frame was not the right size neither was the frame. And as I started to play around with things and realized I had nothing I wanted my mom came up with the most brilliant idea -- and lo and behold another picture was matted and framed!  

I would post for you all to see, but guess what you will have to come out on March 12 to see it!  :)  


What do you think would happen if you smiled to one person a day, held the door for an elderly person, smiled at someone who was different from you, or even gave a dollar to that homeless person standing on the corner right off the highway?  Are you to scared to because it is out of the norm, are you afraid someone is going to judge you, are you fearful that you might feel good?  Try it one day.  And come back and tell me how you feel, please.  I would love to hear your story or you could even email me.  I will give you a virtual high five and smile. 


Remember, I can make ugly, pretty!


Save me from myself / You got my back when I need help / It's no one else in the world / You will always be my girl / You will always be x3 /My girl

Sometimes dreams they don't come true / I was scared that night when I met you / Well I stayed patient and I stayed kind / Telling you to take your time

Turn my life around / You made it okay to let you down / There's no one else in the world --Griffin House


Anonymous said...

your blogs are always so inspiring.


T.M. Göttl said...

Sounds like the Love Initiative to me :)

Looking forward to your opening.

I have recently found myself around folks who are realizing their dreams or are actively pursuing them, and as such, inspiring me.

I am happy to say, you are one of them.